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Chef at work
Master personal trainer Bee Ghafry...
Piff Street Loubs
We spotted this stylish guy on road rockin' these mega Louboutins. The gold shone for miles fam!
Puma Ignite's are FIRE! And it's NOT just the big brands that make them ( Join the movement > )
Different brands, different styles of shoe and a peng attitude... Versace Pengness




PENG: Sexy, very good looking, attractive. In short, footwear that looks GOOD. Footwear that provokes admiring glances and enqiries as to where they were obtained.

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CREPS: Youthful vernacular for sports footwear, sneakers (trainers) & casual footwear. Peng Creps is UK slang, so we will mostly use the word 'trainers'. Trump ain't our leader!

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It's About That Life!

Spread trainer love in your office, family, gym group and marriage! Yes, crep love brings happiness to marriage. It's all about the pengness and respect for effort. Share the love >

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What Crep Lovers Say

Nicki Minaj has a better booty; but I have better shoes.

Rihanna, Puma brand, Singer, Drake Rejector Extraordinnaire

Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes - done.

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma Thunder Triple-Double Machine

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Peng Sneakers Love Affair

Obsessively collecting the latest peng trainers is a growing trend. Trainer lovers around the world are building large collections. The peng trainer market grows bigger by the day, and the second-hand peng trainers market! Yes, people are now trading in sought-after peng trainers. Do you have near box-fresh peng trainers in your closet or in storage? They may be worth more than you think...