There's looking good and there's looking peng! When Marty McFly slid his feet into those futuristic 2015 Nike boots that laced themselves up, there was a collective 'woah from sneaker fans around the world. Trainers that laced themselves up AND looked amazing? Nike released a limited edition set of these film trainers. They are'nt self-lacing like in the film...yet. We are inspired to find anc capture pengness when it comes to trainers and footwear. Sportswear is our thang, but piff smart/casual shoes with major peng-age, will feature from time to time.

L is for LOSS. Don't take that 'L' around with you by failing in the footwear game. You don't want to be a victim of a 'WHAT ARE THOSE?' inquisition. Beef up your crep game by taking inspiration from these pages and picking up tips on how to choose footwear that is peng and bolsters your outfit. Trainer pengness would have to be off the charts to rescue a dire outfit, so don't be lazy.

Cocktails Chef

Pengosity is achieved by design and combination with an outfit. Peng Creps does not just mean NEW creps. You think Classic Jordan's, Reebok Classics, adidas Sambas, sell and inspire nods of admiration because they have been re-released? Classic, sleek, shapely design and colour schemes to catch any eye. Peng.

When I was about 8 years old in Primary school (Key Stage 2 to all the young heads/millenials) I remember getting a pair of wicked looking black sneaks from Deptford Market. I liked them, but they had gold, upside down Nike swoosh...knock-offs. I got insulted for weeks about that. Upside down Nike can't be peng I now realise...

Andy C, Still troubled....

Crep Checking Par Excellence

You know who he is. Making a name as a fast food poultry cuisine analyst, Elijah Quashie is the Chicken Connoisseur who shows mega love to his pristine creps before disseminating on the merits of the chicken-laden cuisine he consumes via the latest Bossman establishment. For your viewing pleasure, sample some crep pengness and crep love.

So, there you have it. Peng Creps. We have opened up our hearts and engaged our cerebellums to tell you who we are and what we believe in. We love peng creps. Share our love and share your stories. Peace (love and pengness).