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Big Baller Brand - ZO2 Sneakers

Support for the Big Baller Brand

So confident is Lavar Ball that his first son - Lonzo - will be a success in the NBA that he has backed his family brand and launched a signature sneaker (the ZO2) without any help or backing from the big boys like Nike and Adidas.

Getting Paid to Wear Bad Creps

NBA superstar Dwayne Wade wears Li Ning creps. Have you heard of Li Ning? D-Wade s getting paid tens of millions of dollars to wear them. Smart business move, but will his star power make Li Nings a must have crep by the man dem?

Millennials and Creps

Generation Z - get their attention now and the money will flow for the likes of Nike, Adidas, Puma and the rest. How are these brands engaging with the yoot dem sugar? Ask Stormzy fam....

Cocktails Chef

Trainers Shouldn't Have Labia!

Rich folk have levels to splash the cash, but why do some of these levels involve crazy fashion sense? Because some trainers are ridic expensive, why buy them unless you want to show you can afford them? It's PEAK!

2nd Hand Creps = BIG MONEY

According to sneakerhead data website StockX, the secondary market for rare and limited-release sneakers is estimated to be worth over £1 billion. Jason Hart buys and resells sneakers to consignment stores like Flight Club in New York City. It's a skill to find the hottest shoes on the market, and one that made him somewhere in the six figures.

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